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UltraSmart Mesh

When nothing but the best will do and you really want to present your message to the world, UltraSmart Mesh by SiteSmart is the only choice.

UltraSmART Mesh is the ultimate outdoor branding solution with exceptional colour reproduction and surface print coverage. Structurally superior with webbing to all edges and clear polycarbonate UV treated eyelets every 50mm.

With 12 threads per inch this heavy duty 280gsm PVC coated Polyester Mesh is really the Rolls Royce of BannerMesh.

UltraSmart Mesh is one of Australia’s industry leaders in quality art reproduction, strength and durability for grand format exterior branding.


  • Premier Property Development
  • High end retail applications
  • Temporary Fencing
  • Prestige car dealerships
  • Prestige sporting functions and events
  • Sports Events and Motor Races
  • Music and Cultural Events
  • Car and boat dealership fence advertising
  • Inner city fence advertising
  • Car and Boat Dealerships
  • Property development sites
  • Display Villages
  • Sporting Facilities
  • Construction Hoardings
  • Any application which needs ultimate presentation without compromise


  • 280gsm Bannermesh, providing 20% airflow.
  • Expected service life up to 4 years.
  • Full edge to edge surface print coverage.
  • Finished construction webbed edges (for additional strength) and clear polycarbonate UV treated eyelets every 50mm.
  • Available up to 5 meters high without a join.
  • Length suit your requirements.
  • Wind relief cuts are available, just let us know if they are required and will include them in your quotation.
  • Also available as Flame Retardant Mesh, which meets building codes and bylaws (AS/AZS 1530.3-1999)

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