Floor Graphics – Attention-Grabbing on the Low Down


One seriously underutilized advertising method is the use of floor graphics.

Particularly effective for retail businesses, floor graphics are a cost-effective yet highly impactful medium for grabbing shoppers’ attention quickly. In these COVID days, they’ve become more common place, reminding shoppers of social distancing, and guiding them around premises safely.

But that’s not all they are perfect for. Strategically placed self-adhesive vinyl floor decals can tell a whole story, or thread of stories, within your premises that usher your shoppers along in any direction you would like to guide them. Want to direct shoppers to high-margin niche product ranges? Floor decals are the perfect solution. Bright, vividly-coloured custom floor graphics are a powerful way to highlight a special deal, sale, or any seasonal promotion or short term rewards program.

vinyl floor decal

Vinyl floor decals are made tough. After all, they have to stand up to thousands of feet walking across them all day every day.

A bright decal on the floor of your store will naturally draw the eye. Even if your shoppers are looking straight ahead or to one side, a pop of color on the floor will snag their attention very quickly and the reflex is to look down and at the “obstacle” ahead. Bingo! Information conveyed and seed planted in the mind of your customer.

How many people do you see wandering around your store, looking down at their phones? Even if they don’t consciously read your decal, subconsciously, they will take in your message.

If you’re not currently taking advantage of the low-cost super-power of custom floor decals, it’s really worth considering. Why not have a chat with us? Let’s plan a bespoke campaign for your business together.

Learn more about custom SAV (self-adhesive vinyl) stickers and decals here: http://bit.ly/customSAV.



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