WindSmART Mesh – Designing Banners for Windy Sites


Designing banners for temporary fencing in high wind load sites is easy with WindSmART mesh.

Our Australian climate is famous for being extreme.

Extreme heat, extreme rainfall, extreme wind. We just don’t do these things by halves.

Because any marketing assets that are permanently, or even temporarily, installed in the Great Outdoors, the media they’re made of has to be tough. Real tough. And smart.

Given that we’re now only a month away from the official start of cyclone season, it’s timely that we look into how we deal with gale force winds on building sites and the like. Because temporary fence-mounted banners act like giant wind sails, it’s critically important to choose a medium that is going to be able to withstand and manage those exceptional wind loads.

Enter WindSmART banner mesh.

WindSmART is specifically designed to allow wind to pass through the fabric, leaving a massive 30% of the surface open due to its open-weave texture. This means that the strain on both the banner and the mounting structure is significantly reduced. The addition of strategically placed wind cuts further reduces the risk of potential damage.

wind smart mesh

Because of its open weave structure, WindSmART mesh has printable surface and so the quality of your printed artwork may not look as sharp as with our other mesh products. Clever design and well chosen colors will help a great deal, so we’ll discuss that with you as part of the process.

WindSmART mesh comes in 1.6m and 1.8m heights. We supply individual fence panel inserts or as a 50 meter roll if you prefer. Installing individual panels means you can easily and quickly replace or relocate a section in need.

So what next?

Now that we’re into spring, it’s the perfect time to inspect and reassess your banner requirements. Why not start a conversation with us?

Let’s get your banners made before the end of year madness descends on us all. And before the wind starts to pick up. Give us a call on 1800 03 12 04 for a chat about WindSmART today.

Did you know that you can keep an eye on weather warnings on the BOM website? Check it out. 


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