Banner Mesh Care – 3 Tips for Keeping Your Banners Fresh


Protect your Banner Mesh Asset

Your Banner Mesh fence banners represent an investment in your business’s brand.  It makes good sense to learn how to care for your banner mesh products, so that you can extend the life of your branding asset. We’ve put together some handy tips to help you maintain and care for your banner mesh products.

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Choosing the right Banner Mesh for your site

It’s really important to choose the product that is most suited to your site location and environment. Choosing the right product is the first step to ensuring the long-term usability of your banner mesh.  Each location is different and the team at SiteSmART takes your particular site conditions into account when preparing your quote to make sure we supply you with the perfect solution.

Cleaning your Banner Mesh

High quality banner mesh products can be used time and time again, if you care for them correctly between installations. Removing accumulated dust and dirt from your banners before storing helps to keep them vibrant. A gentle wipe with a damp cloth is usually all that is required to prepare them for storing. Avoid using cleaning products, they aren’t necessary and can strip the colour from your artwork. Make sure your banners are completely dry before putting them away, so as to avoid mould and mildew problems while in storage.

How to Store your Banner Mesh

Taking the time to pack away your banner mesh carefully pays dividends when you are ready to reinstall them at your next site.  Rolling your banner mesh avoids creasing and unnecessary stress on the fabric.  Folding or crumpling stresses the digitally-printed fibres of the mesh, causing deterioration to your artwork. Rolling your banners minimizes the risk of an unwelcome surprise when you next install your banner mesh.

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