Mesh Comparisons

180 GSM 6 x 6 – WindSmart Mesh

The larger perforations allow more air to move through and reduce wind resistance making it ideal in higher wind load areas. This benefit of course also means there is less printable surface area which may diminish the sharpness of photos or images making them appear less vivid.

200 GSM 9 x 9 – FenceSmart Mesh

Standard industry grade fence covering, wind permeable with great surface print coverage

300 GSM 12 x 12 DuraSmart Mesh

Heavy grade fence covering, less wind permeability but also less light transmittance. Excellent colour reproduction and surface print coverage

280 GSM 12 x 12 UltraSmart Mesh

The ultimate BannerMesh with exceptional colour reproduction and surface print coverage. Structurally superior with 50mm seatbelt webbing to all edges and high-grade, UV stable clear polycarbonate eyelets.