The Gold Coast: Super High-rise City of the Future


Iluka 88Forget the Gold Coast of the 1980s with ho-hum high-rises dotting the Surfers Paradise skyline; it’s a new millennium and nowadays, the standard high-rise is downright boring. Since the completion of Sunland’s Q1 in 2005 and The Soul Building in 2012 – a new Super High-rise development looms.

All 88 architecturally designed floors of it.

Enter Iluka 88


The Iluka 88 project is being touted as the next new Super High-rise development to hit the golden sands of the Surfers Paradise foreshore and along with it, many employment and real estate opportunities abound. Welcomed by the progressive Gold Coast City Council and Mayor Tom Tate, Surfers Paradise is now developing into a Mecca for those titillated by heights and for those that want to live on top of the world. Literally.

But those who are skeptical of yet another uber-sized development in the midst may have grounds to be wary. As with any basic economic structure, an oversupply of apartments could stimulate a drop in property values. However, on the wave of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, the only way appears to be up with the residential market on the Gold Coast. So far. And the development applications keep on pouring in.


So let’s just call it swings and roundabouts, shall we?

The fact of the matter is that the Gold Coast and the Glitter-Strip, in particular, are no longer ‘all that special’. The glitter brassed up and you can only scrub it up so many times over the decades for tourists (national and international alike) before it becomes a little worn. And a little bit sad. The proposed Cruise Ship Terminal (CST) looked to be the saving grace to our ailing tourist city.  Astoundingly, it was blocked at State Government level and left high and dry. Recent developments have refreshed the area, but ideally, for any tourist city – you need to have something that no one else has got. Assuming you discount Dubai.

What next? You can only show the same ole, same ole to people before they will just decide to stay at home, and high-rises on the beach are everywhere that there is a beach. But can everyone say that they have a town of Super High-rises?

Not anymore.

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