New Business Signage – 3 Ways to Promote Your New Venture


New Business Signage


Following your entrepreneurial dreams to create a commercial concept around your passions is something that more and more people are venturing into. This is really exciting from a consumer’s point of view, but how does one promote a new business to find those customers in the early days?

Nearly all new businesses can benefit from savvy promotional signage. Regardless of your niche or industry, displaying eye-catching banners and signs promoting your offer are a must. Having a signage partner like SiteSmART is a great way to raise your brand awareness.

So, if you’re wanting to draw attention to your new venture, here are a few ways you can promote it with signage. 

Custom Banners

Custom banners can be used before your business is even open to create hype and excitement. Displaying “Coming Soon” banners with your company logo and business name is a great way to start drawing attention to your new venture. You can also include the date you are expected to be open and the location of your business. Once your business is open, you can display “Grand Opening” or “Now Open” banners.

Outdoor Signage

Utilize the space outside your premises to draw customers in. Without the proper signage, your customers will never know that your new business is open. Your signage should include your company name and hours of operation.

We have a large selection of products including A-Frames, Corflute Bollard Covers and flags. You can use signage like this to promote sales events or to celebrate opening a new branch.

Special Event Signage

If you’re having a Grand Opening event, or a special sale, directional signage is a must to make sure people can find your location easily.

Here at SiteSmART, we specialize in custom packages, specifically designed for your unique purpose and site. Call our friendly team on 1800 03 12 04 to discuss the options we can offer you for promotional signage for your new business.

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