Fence Panel Inserts vs Banner Mesh


fence-panel-inserts-gallery-3-900x600There are a few marked differences between individual Fence Panel Inserts and Banner Mesh banners. When a customer contacts SiteSmART, our aim is to understand what your specs and then determine the best product for your needs.

So what are the differences? Let’s have a quick look at each product:


Fence Panel Inserts:

*Custom made to the interior size of the fence for a fitted look

*Moves easily with the temporary fence – without resetting the signage

*Excellent option for entry/exit gates

*Great for companies with logo branding

*Ideal product for difficult/sloping sites

*Super easy to switch out single sections in case of damage or change of message

*For the best finish, we recommend obtaining the interior measurements of your temporary fence.

BannerMesh Fencel Panel Inserts   Ressen 2  fence-panel-inserts-800px

Banner Mesh:

*Custom made to the height and length of the fence

*Best for long lengths of fence that won’t require moving

*Looks best on level fence lines

*If the temporary fence is moved, the mesh will require resetting

*Great option for large scale branding

*More cost-effective than Fence Panel Inserts for large orders

site-smart-banner-mesh-380x248  banner-mesh-mcdonalds-900x600  site-smart-printed-banner-mesh-3-slider-1200x500

So what is right for you? In many cases, most people need a site signage solution that allows them to integrate the best of both Fence Panel Inserts and Banner Mesh. In these instances, we encourage combining both products. This way, you can obtain the cost savings of using digitally printed banner mesh on longer fences while adding a few custom-made inserts on entry and exit gates to impart information to customers or employees.

Popular uses for Fence Panel Inserts on gates are:

*Legislative Safety Signage for building site
*Opening and Closing Times
*Contact Details
*Company Logos

We’ll discuss all the important factors when you request your quote. Call the team on 1800 03 12 04, or contact us through the Get A Quote form to the right of this post.

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