Fence Panel Inserts – Are They The SmARTer Choice?


Mesh banners are a fantastic way to promote your new project and draw attention to your organisation.

Apart from being an important compliance feature on many sites, a banner is essentially a billboard, shouting to the world about what you’re doing. Even if your site is not a large development, you still need exposure and we have the perfect solution.

Every purchaser of mesh products finds themselves facing a choice – whether to order long banners or individual fence panel inserts. So how do you decide which is right for you?

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There’s no doubt, long banners are convenient. They provide a commanding street presence and you can install them quickly and easily with minimum fuss. Long banners lend themselves to grand format imagery and fonts that can be read from hundreds of meters away.

For many sites, long banners work perfectly and provide great brand message exposure for your organisation or cause at street level. It may well be that long banners are the right solution for your site. The team at SiteSmART is happy to guide you as you weigh up the pros and cons for your particular application.



But what happens if the site plan has to change?

Sometimes, a fence plan needs amending to accommodate access to a new area or service.

Occasionally a banner may become damaged.

Sometimes mistakes happen. We’re all human, after all. 

Because these unforeseen curveballs do come up, sometimes you’re left with a banner plan that doesn’t work any longer.

Now, if you’ve ordered individual sectional insert panels, you can just tweak and carry on.

However, if you commissioned one long banner to cover the entire fence length, you may have an issue.

Imagine you need to move just a portion of your fencing, what options do you have to adjust your full-length banner?

Not many. Just the one, really. You’re going to have to cut it, which is never ideal.



The Solution?

Plan your design around individual fence insert panels. They stay in place, look great AND are easy to relocate as required.

Whether your temporary site fencing is long or short, fence panel inserts are a versatile and cost-effective way to cover all lengths of fencing.

Ask us about the various options we offer:  Inserts are available in

  • DuraSmart Mesh
  • WindSmart Mesh
  • FenceSmart Mesh
  • UltraSmart Mesh

and we make them to match most common Australian temporary fence brands,

e.g. Advanced Temporary Fencing.

Fence Panel Inserts are perfect for a wide range of applications. Here are just some uses they’re ideal for, but there are many more:

Site safety signage

Directional signage

Gate signage

Roadside Advertising

Events and festivals

Sections of construction fence likely to need removal or relocation

Temporary Fencing

Sporting functions and events

Sports Events and Motor Races

Music and Cultural Events

Car and boat dealership fence advertising

Inner city fence advertising

Property development sites

Display Villages

Sporting Facilities

Construction Hoardings

Regardless of your industry or business sector, fence panel inserts can be a very savvy choice. Why not chat with our friendly team at SiteSmART, tell us about your project, and together we’ll develop a versatile and flexible solution for your business. Call us on 1800 013 204 today.

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