Customer Service – What does it mean for you?


What does ‘customer service’ mean for you?

Mention customer service during any conversation, and you’ll hear a different interpretation from each person in the discussion. As subjective as it is, the basic concept generally describes how a business treats the customer during a transaction.

The quality of its customer service delivery can determine whether a business thrives or flops. In these days of lightning-fast social media,  a single faux-pas handled badly can bring a business to its knees. In business, things happen, and it’s how you as a business owner choose to respond that makes all the difference.

customer serviceCase Study

Customer service starts with the initial opening conversation, and in 2019, customer expectation starts with a timely response. In 2018, conducted a simple experiment.  They sent an email with two questions to 1000 businesses. Then, they rated those 1000 businesses based on the speed, quality, and tone of their response. If you’re interested, you can download a copy of that report here.

Shockingly, these are the results:

  • 62% of companies contacted did not respond to the email.
  • 90% of companies contacted did not acknowledge receipt of the email at all.
  • 97% of companies contacted didn’t send a follow-up email to gauge satisfaction with the response.
  • Only 20% of companies answered the questions in full in the first reply.
  • The average response time to handle a customer service request – 12 hours and 10 minutes.

Makes for dismal reading, doesn’t it?

At SiteSmART, we take our customer service promise extremely seriously. From the moment we receive your inquiry, we track and monitor each step of our service delivery. This way, we make sure that we meet your expectations 100% during the process, right up to our after-sales contact. If something goes off track, we’re on it, we’ll fix it, and we’ll keep you informed each step of the way. There is nothing more important to us than your satisfaction at the end of the day, and we’re committed to giving you our very best. Every day. All the time.

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