Creative Hoarding Designs arrive in Sydney

May 27, 2015 | Blog

In January 2015, Sydney City Council announced a bold new move towards the application and installation of Hoardings for developers and marketers in the Sydney City region. Following the footsteps of other like-minded councils such as City of Westminster in 1989, new policies on hoardings were implemented to protect the period city landscape, and environment that surrounds places such as Piccadilly, Oxford and Bond Streets – all of which have a unique style and design. By utilising a guideline on hoarding design and form, which was detailed to building type, street and architectural periods, the integrity of the building that the hoarding was located on or near and developments in progress, were, and continue to be protected in a visually pleasing result.

With Sydney City Council taking on similar measures early this year, firstly, hoardings became, as quoted by the council, ‘public artworks’ to promote the bold, daring and modern vibrancy that the city of Sydney is renowned for. Secondly, it was to assist in combating a greater issue which business that use hoardings regularly would experience – graffiti, an annoying and costly exercise that becomes an eyesore for those who look at it.

After introducing three alternate design suites in the hoarding design process (available here), Sydney City Council was able to facilitate a tasteful, yet cost effective management tool to assist in the prevention graffiti of hoardings, that is also consistent across the city area but allows for creativity of marketing and graphic design professionals to create and implement their own special touches to their banners.

Grafitti on Hoarding

But what does this now mean to businesses that use hoardings or those that require banner mesh or vinyl banners to advertise their developments? Firstly, like any business, most people are busy getting to the greater strategic issues that make their businesses happen – hoarding becomes an afterthought. Most aren’t willing, nor do they have the time to sift through pages of details about what they can or can’t do for something like a hoarding. And importantly, no one has time or money to correct the wrong interpretation of new policies and guidelines that will halt your ability to start site works and even worse – cost money by having to do things a second time – correctly.

Sydney Hoarding1 copySydney Hoarding2

By investing a small amount of your budget into obtaining the assistance of a professional banner mesh company who can accurately interpret new policies and guidelines such as that implemented by Sydney City Council, you will be saving in the longer term. At SiteSmART, we have the professional background in providing hoardings, banner mesh and other products that will importantly get you noticed but also do so in a cost effective and timely manner. With extensive experience in applying the new policy and guidelines that City of Sydney introduced in January 2015, you can rest assured that you will have a visually pleasing and vibrant hoarding for your site that has eons of street appeal and gets you noticed.

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