All Signs Tipping for Construction Boom for East Coast of Australia

Jul 23, 2015 | Blog

Photo 23-07-2015 12 02 06 pm

The East Coast of Australia is looking towards a construction boom as tipped by industry insiders for the last half of 2015. Media outlets, property developers, marketers and those on the ground level in Engineering and Construction are all feeling the push to new projects with new work appearing every day.

This is good news for the Australian economy. With the Euro markets a worry (especially Greece) and the continual whispers of China’s possible fall from grace in the world economy, one could be forgiven for thinking its time to hunker down and await the fall-out. Not so, however, if you’re involved in the construction industry. Governments at State and Federal level are announcing start dates for major road and rail construction; the new housing sector is also feeling the heat with work building up (“its just the houses that now need to be built”- according to one large building company), and it is all pointing to a strong run towards employment in those areas.

However, closer to home, as SiteSmART is located on the beautiful Gold Coast, one ‘measure of sorts’ that is undertaken is the amount of cranes that are dotting the skyline. Not exactly the most accurate indication of the building climate, however, it is a sure sign that things are taking off. During the GFC the cranes came down and so did the work with many in the construction industry moving into the mining sector and even overseas to find work. But now, the cranes are going back up and every week another appears. With the current announcement of another 8000 jobs soon to arrive and the Commonwealth Games in 2018 looming ever closer – we can be certain that things are looking good. For Now.

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