4 Tips to Make Your Site Signage Pop!


Getting Your Business Noticed is our goal for you at SiteSmART, and one that is aligned with every client we speak with when they’re seeking signage for their business.

Here, we discuss 4 important factors that need to be considered to effectively showcase your signage 24/7.

Bright Coloured Signage:

The use of bright colours ensures that people look at your signage. The eye is naturally drawn to colours that are brightly printed; so don’t be afraid to use yellows, reds, oranges, bright hi-vis style blues or greens! If you want to get your signage noticed, then you need to make sure that you select colours that people will take notice of immediately.

Yellow Signage, Bright Banner Mesh, Bold Banner Mesh, bigger site signage    site-smart-printed-banner-mesh-6-slider-1200x500   Vantage Holdings BannerMesh


This is especially important to businesses that want to relay a message or brand, contact number or want passersby to know what is happening on a site. By using contrasting colours, people will be able to quickly take in the message your business wants to convey.

Contrast can also be achieved between your signage and the surrounding environment.

Ray White, Bright Banner Mesh, Site Signage, Red Signage, White Signage, Contrasting Sigange   Broad Signage, Contrasting Signage, Printed Shadecloth, Bannermesh, Site Signage, Construction Signage   printed-banner-mesh-800px

Quality Products = Quality Finish:

Your branding is very important and your site signage will only be as good as the base product that it appears on. Due to this, we consider the harshness of the Australian Environment, the lifespan of the product being used and the purpose for that product. At SiteSmART our friendly professional staff will ask a few questions about your signage to ensure that you get the product for your needs. In the image below, this photo was taken after 15 months hanging in the Queensland weather at an oceanfront development site.

Eyelet Finish - after 15 months. Hanging at a development site located on the ocean front.

Bigger is (Sometimes) Better:

Digitally printing large text or images on site signage allows businesses to maximise the potential advertising space of their site signage. Have a small area? No problem! Using a repeated print pattern will still allow you to ensure that your brand is noticed. Have a large span of signage? Excellent! Using long text lengths could be the best solution for your needs.

VW Vinyl Banners, Bold Signage, digitally Printed Artwork   McDonalds Signage, Red and Yellow Bold Colours, Vibrant   Digitally PRinted Shadecloth is a budget friendly and effective site signage solution

If you still have questions about your site signage, contact SiteSmART today. At SiteSmART – Our Business is about getting Your Business Noticed.

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